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Dropper Role


Droppers are a vital part of the IBM Mail Study because they start the clock on test mail measurement. Droppers induct test mail bundles into USPS collection boxes. Droppers are expected to:

  • Review their test mail bundles for accuracy.
  • Induct mail on scheduled days, selecting a location from a list of collection boxes.
  • Report the induction information to us immediately following the drop.

On a quarterly basis, the IBM Mail Study develops a schedule of which days each region will induct mail. We also select a list of collection boxes to use. These items are mailed to Droppers at the beginning of the quarter, or when they join. The IBM Mail Study fabricates all test mail bundles and ships these to the Dropper prior to a scheduled induction.

The IBM Mail Study pays Droppers for each bundle inducted correctly. Compensation rates take into consideration the distance a Dropper may need to travel between inductions, as well as the overall time required to complete the Dropper tasks.